Papilbo: a forward-looking idea

Bolgheri has always evoked the idea of a dream, thanks to its breath-taking views, its colours, its nuances and its vintage wines. As a matter of fact, it all started right in front of fine glass of wine in Autumn 2015, when we were spending the evening with some good friends. We started to think that we were able to develop a brilliant idea, which was inextricably connected to the great prosperity and variety of our territory. It actually was an elegant and clever idea, extremely forward-looking and ready to overcome the limits. A promising idea that could create a perfect balance between quality and innovation: what was better than bow ties? Papilbo is the result of a powerful desire to create something special and convey the magical atmosphere of our region, with its flavours and its scents, but also with its shapes and its high quality raw materials. This product is the great result of a winning bet: it is entirely handcrafted and it has a young and simple design, which is glamorous, original and perfect for several different occasions. It's with modesty, enthusiasm and desire to improve our skills that we try to produce something different and eclectic, which guarantees maximum quality and careful attention to details, so as to meet your needs and satisfy your requests. Our ambition to stimulate our creativity always looks up to the future and to new market scenarios, but it never loses its connection with the magic aura of our beloved country. Having said that, we hope we will manage to communicate our passion, our commitment and the best qualities of our region through a small but unique accessory: a Papilbo!



We are Federico and Giacomo and we have been friends for a lifetime. We were born in the same year (1991) and we have always shared the same passions and interests: soccer, craftsmanship, good wine, our territory and especially our home village, Castagneto Carducci. We formed a bond at school and on the first soccer fields, a bond that was consolidated over the years thanks to our ability to see beyond the limits and our devotion to the prosperity of our land. We love to travel, to discover new realities and new cultures that can help us extend our knowledge. It's a disposition that has brought us to invest in ourselves and to pursue our ideas with the same enthusiasm that characterizes our lives. Our goal is to offer a product that is always new and that is able to communicate both your identities and the energy of our work. We could say that every single Papilbo helps us to communicate who we are, since it is an accessory strictly connected to our roots but still able to aim high. It's a product made of simple but valuable materials, which can create a perfect blend of positivity and originality. It comes from a scrupulous and precise work, the only way we know to obtain the highest quality.



Every single Papilbo is the fruit of a meticulous craftsmanship, which is extremely attentive to details. It's 100% handcrafted and it perfectly satisfies different needs, different personalities and different ages. The selection of wood is one of the most important stages; in fact, we only use the grain that can represent the history of our territory: the olive tree, which is the symbol of the Tuscany countryside; the barriques, which come from the best wine cellars in Bolgheri; the cypress, which is the symbol of our famous avenue, where the imposing cypresses move "alti e schietti in duplice filar". It's a combination of nuances and reflections that create a thousand shapes and infinite solutions, which are the result of a long and meticulous process of production. It's a demanding work that requires patience and precision, right from the choice of the model, hand-drawn on the chosen wood, to the delicate cropping stage. The second step is the application of the fabric, which follows the leading principles of tailoring and shapes bows and collars in different fantasies and colours. Finally, the product is branded with a brass mould, previously heated up in order to operate the first woodcut and to provide unique burn marks. Every single passage wants to meet your needs and satisfy your requests with passion and quality. Every single step is oriented towards the final result, which wants to offer the customer something special and exclusive. Papilbo is all this: it's an accessory for you and your desire of a simple but effective glamour touch.

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